Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fashion Throwback: 1950s

If you haven't figured it out yet, I have a sick obsession with pretty vintage things. I'm interested with the 1920s-1960s, but I have a soft spot for the '50s. I can't figure out what it is about that decade that I adore so much, but whatever it is has grabbed a hold of me and won't let go. And I'm okay with that.

Last weekend, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a couple vintage 1950s day dresses from two different shops on Etsy. Some days, I just feel like wearing a pretty dress when we go out, and I only have a few things I can wear. Once I receive both dresses and get a chance to wear them, I will write a review and give the shops a shout out so you can check them out too. 

My absolute favorite thing about 1950s fashion are shirt dresses. The medium heavy cotton fabric, the circle skirt with a crinoline underneath, the fab collars... ahh!! They can be fancy and worn for a night on the town. Accessorized with pretty white or lacy gloves, a diamond necklace, stilettos, and a clutch, a girl could dress to the nines! They can also be dressed down, casual, lighter weight fabric, no crinoline, some cute flats and a handbag, and a girl could be ready for a day of shopping or a day at the park. I prefer my dresses to be about knee length since I have a toddler son. I can still reasonably play with him and not have to worry about what my dress is doing.

I would definitely wear each of these styles.

That square neckline on the right!! 

This one!! I wonder if she still has it? I'll find it.

I would LOVE to have this beauty in my closet!

I'm loving that collar/sleeve combo on pattern number 2.

I'm obsessed with the skirt on this one! 

Lucy Ricardo frequently wore a shirt dress. That's probably why
we get along so well. Yes, we're friends.

Yes, you can run away now.

I'd understand.

I also enjoy a good circle skirt. They are about the same style as a shirt dress, the same shape and flow, but you can mix and match tops! 

Audrey Hepburn in a circle skirt minus crinoline. Simply lovely.

This pattern is amazing!! The perfect length.

The bottom right is a perfect example of what a light
slip can do for a circle skirt.

Girls of all ages can easily pull of a circle skirt! This catalog is so cute!

I also have a love of 1950s style one-piece swim suits. As a mom taking a toddler to the pool, I have more to worry about and focus on than wondering if the appropriate body parts are staying covered.  While the bikini was invented in the 1940s, still pretty much the only women to wear them were some movie stars in the 1950s like Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner to gain publicity, and they weren't really widely accepted until the '60s. The one-piece style is classic. Esther Williams, a swimming prodigy turned movie star, made the one-piece style famous. 

Three bathing beauties.

Aren't they just precious??

Obsessed with the glamour in this photo! 

The million dollar mermaid, Esther Williams. So cute, right?

Yep, even Marilyn wore this style of bathing suit. 

These are just a few of my favorite things. I have so many other vintage styles that I love, but these 3 are absolutely at the top of my list.  My dream closet is full of pretty vintage dresses! My real closet is not, however. Please tweet me, email me, or comment on this blog post and tell me what your favorite vintage fashions are! Or you can request a topic!! I'd love to hear from you! (All of my information is at the top of the page under 'Contact') 


**All photos used on this blog post were found on Google Image search. If they belong to you and you do not wish for me to use them, please email me!**

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