Friday, March 21, 2014

The "I Love Lucy Baby" Doll

In I Love Lucy's second season, it was discovered that Lucille Ball was pregnant with her second child, and, unlike her first pregnancy, it was incorporated into the show's storyline. The audience got to see every pratfall and pregnancy woe that Lucy Ricardo experienced!! 

In the December 15, 1952 episode "Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable," Ricky walks in on Lucy in the living room with a baby doll, practicing bathing and diapering the baby. 

This baby doll was the very one American Character issued for the Christmas season in 1952. What better way to sell your product than to have Lucy Ricardo herself playing with it?! The doll was not gender specific, as the gender of the Ricardo's baby would not be revealed until its birth. 

The "I Love Lucy Baby" originally sold for $9.98 in a variety of department stores across the United States, from Higbee's in Cleveland to Macy's in Kansas City. The baby was advertised as 16" tall and could bathe, blow bubbles, and cry real tears! Take a look!

You will see Lucy and Desi play Poppy and Mommy
with this wonderfully lifelike doll on the I Love Lucy T.V. 
show...You will see Lucy feed it, diaper it, and watch it cry real tears,
pacify it... YOUR little girl too can do all these things with the 
"I Love Lucy Baby".

She drinks, wets, blows bubbles, can be bathed, CRIES with a 
lusty voice and real tears. 16" tall, moulded rubber with plastic head,
beautifully dressed, complete with gift box with a drawerful of baby necessaries.

I adore the wording of this vintage ad... "lusty voice" and "baby necessaries"!  We never see these type of advertisements today. Vintage ads are so fantastic.

What do you think? Would you have wanted this baby doll if you were a little girl in 1952? I know I would!!

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