Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Thank you, Lucy

Dearest Lucy, 

Thank you for your crazy antics as Lucy Ricardo that bring so much laughter to my life. Thank you for your strong will which kept you going when times were tough, when the world was seemingly against you. Thank you for your hot and cold relationship with Desi. Even when it was "cold" you still loved each other like no one has ever loved before. Thank you for your sweet relationship with Lucie and Desi Jr. Thank you for always keeping that fiery spirit even as you aged. Thank you for always keeping up with your henna rinses, for that was the Lucy we adored. Thank you for Stone Pillow, no explanation needed. Thank you for introducing me to Carole Lombard, for I adore her in many of the ways I adore you. Thank you for spending your summers in Del Mar. I envision you there each time I go. Thank you for writing down your life story. It is a pleasure (and a sorrow at times) reading about your childhood and the early years in your career. 

A home movie still, 1940s

Glamorous Lucille, 1930s

Studying a script, 1960s

Trying to make Desi Jr smile after his baptism, 1950s

 Lucy, thank you for being my happy place. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for being you.

Happy Birthday, Darling.


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