Monday, August 11, 2014

The Lingerie of the 1950s

I have a slight infatuation with 1950s lingerie advertisements. Most of them have images drawn as opposed to photographs, for one, looking a lot like those vintage pinups I love so much (more on pinups later!). Advertisers were so eager to sell the product, too! One catch-phrase after another, the beautiful mixture of fonts, all the adjectives - oh my! 

Take a look at this catalog page. Now, this specific bra was scientifically designed. That means they're serious business. Oh, the lives these scientists must've changed! A style to flatter every bust size. Try it for 10 days, and if you don't like it, send it back! No big deal. Though you won't have to send it back because the scientists did their job right the first time!

This Life by Formfit bra will give you that perfect "sweetheart" figure. Having the perfect hourglass figure a la Marilyn Monroe was very important in the 1950s. Being curvy was beautiful!

 This page from a Sears catalog boasts their "Heavenly Bodies" collection. How celestial!! All sorts of corsets and girdles to give you the perfect shape.

Now this next advertisement is perfect for you thrifty ladies looking for a deal! SIX pairs of briefs alone is enough to sell me on their product, but they're throwing in that 45! Elvis, Eddie Fisher, Perry Como -  who would you choose? I'm an Elvis girl myself. Who doesn't go looking for a RCA record when they're underwear shopping?! Brilliant!

The Hickory PermaLift bra adverts are among my favorite ads of any kind. Their tagline, for starters, is a double entendre, which I LOVE. "The lift that never lets you down!" Beautifully said. Secretly processed cushioned inserts - that's the ticket for that perfect lift!

Cone bras. I know we've all seen those old movies and television shows where the woman had the pointed breasts. Sweater girls were all the rage in the 50s. Women who, like Lana Turner, had the silhouetted bosom in her favorite soft sweater attained her look with these ringlet bras like Lovable made. Circle after circle sewn to uphold the cone shape forever, or so they say in their ad! 

Do you have a problem with your bra fitting you evenly on both sides? Never fear, for ExquisiteForm has designed the bra for you! The Bra-O-Matic adjusts each cup to fit your individual shape! That's right, just a "quick click" and your bra's lift will be just right for you!!

Of course we can't leave the fellas out! Jockey underwear will make your guy feel like a million in these super attractive styles! Just take it from the guy with his shirt tucked into his Jockeys. 

Do you have a favorite lingerie advert from this era? Please share! 

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