Friday, August 30, 2013

Slacker, that's me.

I may have been a bit lazy this week when it came to blogging. We have been fairly busy in other aspects, so it's okay. Right? Thank you for excusing me from my absence.

Last weekend, Holden got his first haircut. I finally got brave and decided I was tired of looking at his shaggy blonde locks. We took him to a place called Sharkey's Cuts For Kids, and inside, they have fun themed chairs to sit in, movies on TV, and lollipops to distract the little ones! Sharkey's choice of chairs are Lightning McQueen, a pink Barbie Jeep, and a blue Mini Cooper. For the older kids, they have just a regular chair the kid can sit in and play XBox games, and for the older girls, they have a little "tween" room with vanity lights and pink walls. 

Look at that stringy shaggy hair! He was watching Cars on TV
and playing with the buttons on the steering wheel.

Now keeping happy with a blue DumDum. Of course, they had
to give him blue, the messiest of all colors.

Here, Mama. All done. 

I am the trash lady.

About this time I'm freaking out that she would cut 
it too short. I don't really want him to look like 
a little boy.

He needs to be a baby!

Finishing touches.

Oh so handsome!! He gets so embarrassed
when I tell him he's handsome.

So haircut day was on Saturday. Sunday we got together at our friends' house to celebrate H's birthday with a Mexican dinner and some cake & ice cream. Baby H always enjoys going over there because there are plenty of trucks to be played with. He lives for trucks. Every other word every day is truck. Truck, mommy. TRUCK!! 

Sorry. Back to dinner. It was to be a non-cheesy Pirate themed evening, with a Pirates of the Caribbean cake to finish off the theme. However, lovely Vons still has the cake displayed in their book of cakes they can make, though they told me it was discontinued when I asked for it. I had to settle for stupid Spongebob pirates. Totally killed my vibe, Vons! Not cool. I forged on with my life, deciding cake is cake and delicious cake it was! 

Ugh, go away Spongebob. Does anyone like you still?

Gotta blow that candle out!

Success! Daddy may or may not have helped.

(He did.)

He pretty much picked at the ice cream. And the
frosting. Obviously.

A pirate's life for me!

But not for me.

Yesterday, he had his 2 year check up with the doctor. Basically, H is tall, skinny but solid, and right on track with his developments. 

Oh, and he's ornery as ever.

He's nothing like me.


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